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Best Selling Book of 2022 at Water Street Bookstore 
Bestselling Book of 2021 at Water Street Bookstore

"Well plotted and conceived.  The characters in Dead on Deadline are the book’s finest qualities. They are distinct, fleshed out, and serve the story effectively"
                                                                                                                   -THE BOOK LIFE PRIZE

Lie After Lie.jpg

"Bricker does a fantastic job of not only recounting the case of James Keown, but of also inviting the readers to feel as if they've come personally to know Julie's parents and the detective who sought justice in this case for four years.
Chocked full of detail, thoroughly researched, and a personable writing style, makes  Lie After Lie one of the MUST READ books of the year."

                                                                                           -KIM CANTRELL,  TRUE CRIME BOOK REVIEWS

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